Service is Self-Mastery.

An educational resource that brings joy, purpose and personal power to the art of service.

Upgrade the way you serve to a conscious, mindful practice that provides the inner growth you’ve always wanted.

Master the art of service by mastering yourself through meditative and in-action techniques.  

Learn game-changing principles from people and cultures that consider service a way of life.

Learn from my career as a "hospitality geek", meditation teacher and practitioner of the Zen Way of Tea (“Cha Dao”).  Throughout the years I’ve collected knowledge, techniques and entertaining stories that have helped make every moment in service - and, consequently, living life - more meaningful and effective than I ever imagined.


Life Changing!

Truly a life changing experience - thank you Stefan.

Michelle Dickson

Forever Grateful!

Stefan I am forever grateful for you, my teacher. Many blessings.

Lyndsay Fleming

Thrive in Service & in Life.

  • Maximize your contribution to any situation.
  • Have better relationships - momentary and long-term.
  • Sharpen & expand awareness.
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    Develop a clear sense of personal & professional direction.
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    Upgrade general health & well-being.

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Unlock Your Service Superpowers.

Learn tools that pull together studies in Yoga, Buddhism, communication, mindful living, and many other systems that awaken both your human uniqueness and capacity to connect your awesome self to any person in any situation.  These practices expand on the natural abilities you already have regardless of whether you fancy yourself naturally outgoing, sensitive, or even particularly good at service at all:

  • Samurai Skills.  AKA: Inner strength, calm & stability.  
  • Energy Absorption.  AKA: Compassion.
  • Superhuman Senses.  AKA: Listening, sensory awareness and ability to noticed those crucial subtle things
  • Bio-Regeneration.  AKA: Stress resilience and recovery.
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    Lasers.  AKA:  Clearer sharper thinking and communication skills.
  • Conjuring.  AKA: Cultivating the inner qualities and life path you desire.
  • Infinite Energy Resources.  AKA: Kindness and generosity of self.
  • Smart Forcefields.  AKA: The right personal boundaries to ensure your continued well-being.
  • Shapeshifting.  AKA: Ability to adapt, learn and find joy in any situation
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    Jedi Mind Tricks.  Charm, disarm and emanate that indescribable thing that makes people feel good around us.

About Me.

I have lived and breathed the art of service all over the world for more than a decade. However, the "living" part waned without the necessary self-improvement practices and the "breathing" part was enthusiastic, but often shallow and panicked. Learning meditation changed all that for me, giving me the inner strength to live a healthy life, always grow through new challenges, and fearlessly put my uniqueness into the world. I fled a leadership role at a high-profile bar/restaurant to India to teach meditation... 

"The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others."

Mahatma Gandhi

Work with me to transform your life of service.

Consult with me directly over phone or video chat to learn meditation and mindfulness techniques that up-level the power of your service and life today.

Who Can Benefit?

  • Anyone.  Where does service need an upgrade in your personal and professional life?
  • All Members of the Hospitality Industry. Waiters, bartenders, concierges, managers, etc.
  • Sales & Customer Service Representatives. Across all industries.
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    Business Owners. Whether independent or corporate entities that have a service component of what they offer.
  • Servants To Humanity.  Big thinkers with beautiful causes, you are among friends.
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    People With Jobs.  If you are in any way employed, you are providing a service to your employer.
  • People in General.  Especially those that interact with others and want to be better at it.

Share Your Triumphs & Challenges.

How has this knowledge benefitted you?  Or what problems are you having that are not addressed here?  Tell me specific stories or just generally how you are feeling.  Or share some of your own discoveries about what gives an upgrade to how you connect with who/what you're serving.

Join The Community.
Get exclusive content & the free e-book: "10 Ways To Serve From An Empowered Place" (coming soon).  Don't be alone and stumbling.  Service doesn't have to drain you!


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