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Bring joy, purpose and personal power to the art of service and hospitality. Service is self-mastery. 

Elevate your service role to your own mindful living laboratory. 

Transform your service role from something to "get through", to a powerful medium for skill development, personal growth, and self-understanding.

Master service as an entire way of life - making you a more mindful, effective and fulfilled person. 

Learn service from the inside-out: everything you need to know about thriving professionally and personally that no one is teaching you.

The Book.

Coming soon!  Stay tuned for the book I wish was available when I began working in the service industry.  Gives you the tools, techniques and principles to serve from a stronger, more fulfilled place.  Preview the book below and subscribe to the mailing list to receive free chapter excerpts.  

The Podcast.

Learn mindfulness, meditation, communication and interpersonal skills that transform your service and hospitality capability. The Serve Conscious Podcast is the voice of the mindful service movement, whose goal is to empower you in your service and hospitality work, making it a medium for your self-development.

Listen to inspiring guests and my own stories from the trenches of hospitality and meditation/mindfulness training to reveal the potential of your service role to bring you inspiration, wisdom and self-mastery.

The tools, techniques and principles we explore will not only upgrade your capability and career success, but also improve your health, well-being and happiness in every way. Achieve the empowerment, professional growth, success and fulfillment you’ve always wanted.

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Latest Episodes.

Serving Even When There’s No One Around To Serve Pt. 1 – Service Essentials | Ep. 62

I discuss how times like this are powerful opportunities to explore what really matters in our lives. And to understand the essence of how it is we wish to serve in this life. It doesn’t matter what it is you’re doing, it matters how you’re doing it and the person you’re practicing as while doing it.

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Lifestyle, Pre-Service & In-Service Practices To Maximize Your Well-Being & Capability (Service Skills You’re Never Taught Pt. 6) | Ep. 61

What’s the most important factor determining the success and satisfaction you get from serving? You. This episode details meditation and mindfulness techniques you can use to start your day, prime yourself for service, and refresh yourself during the chaos of the work day.


Service Ninja Moves For Dealing With “Difficult People” (Service Skills You’re Never Taught Pt. 5) | Ep. 60

Strategies for managing situations where you are confronted with people that are not making it easy to be served. And mindsets for managing the most important person in that equation: you.


Observation Skills: They’re Truly Being Mastered When They’re Used On Yourself (Service Skills You’re Never Taught Pt. 4) | Ep. 59

True service comes from the inside out. Within you is a still, wise, and infinitely broad awareness that can anchor you in the most chaotic of situations. Learn to access this “Buddha self” and remain tethered to it regardless of what the rest of your mind is doing.


Gratitude: What Truly Inspires Service (and Happiness) | Ep. 58

Learn gratitude practices to start your day and also apply to challenging situations. They will transform how you experience life.


Power Everything with Positive Intention and Watch Your Service Life Transform (Service Skills You’re Never Taught Pt. 3) | Ep. 57

Service (and all activities in life) is not so much about what you’re doing, but the intention behind it. And that intention can be positive without feeling artificial, strained or anything but authentic. Learn an internal practice that you can apply to the simplest activities that will totally transform your quality of life and relationships.


Say What You Mean…And Speak To Our Shared Dignity – Mindfully Communicating w/ Oren Jay Sofer | Ep. 56

Happy 2020! The podcast is starting off the year with a very special interview on the transformative power of mindful communication. Truly listening, understanding, and speaking to what’s really needed can make the humblest of interactions feel truly alive. And my discussion with Oren Jay Sofer, the subject’s most definitive voice, was bursting with such aliveness at every moment. So many insights. So much value.


Compassion Should Be Served At All Occasions (Service Skills You’re Never Taught Pt. 2) | Ep. 55

Witness the power of compassion as a skill, not some kind of pious state that only the saintly are gifted with – learn the awareness practices that make you better at negotiation, handling challenging people and finding satisfaction in any work you do that involves other people.


True Hospitality Means The Employees Get Just As Much Care As The Clientele – Interview w/ John DeBary | Ep. 54

Equal opportunity and quality of life are such bigger issues in the restaurant industry than you think they are. I speak with hospitality leader and social servant John Debary about his organization RWCF and his mission to help restaurants nationwide shift into caring organizations with the capacity to improve the lives of their workers.


Learn How To Navigate People’s Needs (Service Skills You’re Never Taught Pt. 1) | Ep. 53

Needs don’t need to be cured like they’re some kind of disease or exploited in some sort of relationship of exchange. Learn to navigate them as a powerful vehicle for you to truly connect to the people you serve.


Pertinent and Transformative

Jessica Brantley - Founder & CEO, Soulful Essence

So I've been listening to this podcast for a while and the two words I'd use to describe it are "Pertinent and Transformative". Even though I don't work in the hospitality industry, I find it extremely satisfying. Like taking your bra off or that first sip of wine at the end of a long day. Every time I listen I feel like I've come home. As someone who spends a lot of time in the mindfulness space, I've become more than weary of the delusional, woo-woo bullshit that seems to pervade the entire industry. You won't find that here. So if you're tired of the bullshit but you'd still like to refill your cup, give it a listen?


Could change your work, your relationships, and your life!

I love what Stefan is bring to the world through this project. It's incredibly helpful — not only for service professionals, but for everyone. Stefan's work is a much needed reminder of the power of mindfulness. This could change your work, your relationships, and your life.

The Blog.

Throughout the years I’ve collected knowledge, techniques and entertaining stories that have helped make every moment in service - and, consequently, living life - more meaningful and effective than I ever imagined.  Mindful practices have made me into a soldier looking for a battleground - a place to test and master what I've cultivated.  A place to show me how much I still don't know.  For me it’s service - both professional and personal.  Where is your battleground?  

Self-Hospitality Pt. 4: Focus Works Differently in Meditation
So when you learn meditation, you’re given something to put your attention. Perhaps it’s your breath or, in my case,[...]
Self-Hospitality Pt. 3: How Master Meditators Are No Different Than 12-Year-Olds in Malls
When are shopping malls fun? When you’re a teenager.At any point in your adult life.At any point in your pre-teen[...]
Self-Hospitality Pt. 2: Unlock The Power of Your Intention
One might think that meditation is a matter of attention - and we can measure our success by where our[...]
Self-Hospitality Pt. 1: Meditation Essentials
Because, y'know, we're all monks now. Welcome to the new series Self-Hospitality. Its purpose is to give you everything you[...]
Karma Yoga: Always Be Practicing, Always Be Serving
What if we could live a life where every moment is meaningful and every action, big or small, sweet or sour, is in service of something infinitely crucial? All it takes is a simple shift of mindset into a Yogic one.
How To Make Any Service Role A Means of Creating Transformation
Originally published here on Ram Dass’ Be Here Now Network. Service Can Give or It Can Take…It’s Your Choice. When[...]

About Me.

Writer, educator, podcaster and apparently a mindful service and hospitality "thought leader" (by default: no one else is really talking about it). My project Serve Conscious is the only major online resource for implementing meditation and mindfulness principles into service-oriented work and life - I am soon to publish the only book on the subject. 

Years ago I left a successful leadership career in the hospitality industry and traveled to the Indian Himalayas to learn how to teach meditation from Vedic masters.  And then to Taiwan to learn the Zen Way of Tea. I have since made it my mission to teach self-understanding, self-development and empowerment through whatever service roles we have in our lives.  My goal is to show people how they can find growth and fulfillment in their work, communicate and relate better, and generally live happier, healthy lives as service professionals. I provide the tools, techniques and principles that help people themselves through meeting the gritty, grimy and unsexy avenues of life (that service roles constantly confront us with).  

I'm also a co-founder of the upcoming Tenshin Mindfulness community where I get to keep doing what inspires me most - creating content and education programs that apply mindfulness to under-attended areas of life and work.


A Special Kind of Teacher

Sabina Padilla - Life/Relationship Coach

Stefan's perspective is much needed in the community of conscious leaders. He takes intimidating subjects and makes them practical and accessible. He teaches in a way that is both entertaining, inspiring and free of fluff. There is no one like him!


Life Changing!

Michelle Dickson

Truly a life changing experience - thank you Stefan.


Poignant & Insightful

cbox - iTunes Reviewer (Probably actually Gautama Buddha keeping a low profile)

Useful concepts for anyone who is looking to grow, both spiritually and professionally. Rendered from the perspective of a dedicated service industry professional, Stefan’s witty take on what most would consider mundane activities, reveals a blueprint for living a better, more fulfilling life. I really look forward to future episodes to discover new opportunities to find joy in my daily interactions with those around me.

Make Life Your Self-Mastery Laboratory.

Live a life of growth, abundance and opportunity by applying mindful hospitality principles.

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Transform every interaction & relationship with mindful communication techniques.

Learn "the art of conscious action" through ancient and modern principles.

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Mahatma Gandhi

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Who Can Benefit?

Anyone.  Every aspect of your life can be improved by applying meditation and mindfulness principles.  And at least one aspect of your life involves some type of service - upgrading that means upgrading your whole quality of life.

Food & Beverage Service Employees.  You are changing the world and you are mastering just need to be shown how.

Sales & Customer Service Representatives.  The essence of service is virtually the same across industries and cultures.  Serve Conscious works from that level, giving you seed knowledge to apply to the particularities of your service role. 

Business Owners. Whether independent or corporate entities that have a service component of what they offer.

Servants To Humanity.  Big thinkers with beautiful causes, you are among friends.  Some inner challenges you face will be addressed here.

People With Jobs.  If you are in any way employed, you are providing a service to your employer.

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