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Find Meaning & Purpose In Life As A Laborer | Ep. 79

How to find meaning in your work in a socioeconomic structure that doesn’t honor and respect your role. We look at how the service role has been tainted by society’s tendency to take advantage of the people serving them – whether it’s your clientele or your employers – and how to drop this baggage and reconnect to the growth potential that the role offers us.


Master The Essential Service Tool: Attention | Ep.78

A core discussion on mindfulness and service. The straight essentials to implement mindfulness into your service life and watch it transform. And a deep look at one of the most important things to understand with our practice: the struggles with mindfulness are valuable, mindful growth experiences.


Serve With Racial Sensitivity | Ep. 72

Everything you’ve been trying to do more effectively along your mindful service journey – listening, openness, compassion, healing, avoiding righteousness, catching reactivity – is a skill that can be applied to participating in the racially just world you want to live in.


Bringing Humanity Back To Large-Scale Service Pt. 2 | feat. Joel Bailey | Service With New Purpose Series | Ep. 70

Part two of two of my epic discussion with service design visionary Joel Bailey who is who is working with large companies, institutions and public services and proving that you can bring humanity and consciousness back to service in a way that is sustainable and scalable. This is someone that understands the essence and power of service – as well as how much we’ve lost contact with it as a culture.


The Best Thing You Can Do For The World Right Now? Transform Yourself (Service With New Purpose Pt. 1) feat. Dushan Zaric | Ep. 66

In this new podcast series I’m getting field reports from amazing minds in the world(s) of service about lockdown living and the challenges and opportunities it offers service-minded people. I talk to cocktail bar industry leader Dushan Zaric about self-awareness, growth and transformation, and the power and strength found in setting a positive example.


True Service: “Important Work” is a Matter of Conditioning

One problem is that so many people think that their life truly begins after their service job ends. Their service job is a state of purgatory where they’re waiting for their real professional lives in some more noble industry to truly materialize. In a previous post, I mentioned the many people I’ve met that have […]