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Ep. 17 Service, Leadership & Authentic Communication…From The Inside-Out – Interview w/ Greg Clowminzer

An amazing discussion with Greg Clowminzer about true self-knowledge and its key ingredient: understanding the nature of thought. He provided so much insight on principles of mindful communication, service, and leadership as a spiritual path.

Greg has been a transformational business and life coach for over 25 years, combining his expertise in business strategy with his deep and multi-faceted background in Eastern spirituality, helping people cultivate principles (business and otherwise) that lead to true self-knowledge – the ultimate ingredient of success.


Ep. 16 Techniques For Being The Strongest, Most Authentic & Self-Realized Human – Interview w/ Jonni Pollard

My talk with Jonni Pollard – founder of the meditation community and app 1GiantMind where he discusses his new book “The Golden Sequence: A Manual For Reclaiming Our Humanity”. This is not to be missed. He speaks in sentences you want to snatch out of the air and shove in your pocket.

This is spirituality brought down to the most human levels, not suspended in mysticism or lofty ideals. This is a place of strength and realness, not fluffy spiritual bypassing. It’s a process that takes work, but it will drive you straight to self-realization – no detours in unnecessary life drama and self-loathing.


Ep. 15 Living Your Best Life By Asking Your Best Questions – Interview w/ Marc Champagne of the KYŌ App

“It is not the answer that enlightens, but the question.”

-Eugene Ionesco

An interview with Marc Champagne, co-founder of the KYO App. We discuss the power of journaling. That’s right, sometimes the most mindful, growth-inspiring practices are things we did in grade school. However…they need to be done properly and with the right intent. Technology helps with this by making it a more portable, interactive, fluid and therefore effective practice.

The KYO App accomplishes this by creating a tool that allows you to journaling on the go…with the addition of a very powerful feature: the ability to prompt questions to yourself at certain days and times. It’s also loaded with guides to conscious living, well-being and self-improvement that can provide you with the powerful and challenging questions you aren’t thinking to ask yourself.

And this episode comes with a special opportunity for us, the Serve Conscious audience: a free month to try the entire paid version of the app (though the free one is still pretty damned robust).

Try this out. All the smart guys say questions are everything. Just Google something like “all problems in life come from not asking the right questions” and you’ll see.


Ep. 14 Free Everyone From Neediness…By Celebrating Need!

:: Discover a mode of communication where everybody wins no matter how contradictory each party’s demands are.
:: How to cut through the bull and identify the true needs behind what people are saying…and how that puts you in a position of (benevolent) power.
:: The difference between needs and neediness. And how to defuse the grip needs have on us by seeing their hidden value.
:: Unexpected ways that we’ve been conditioned out of knowing ourselves and communicating honestly.
:: How to direct your attention to stay clear on what’s happening…especially when you’re getting triggered by people.
:: When it’s not okay to just throw everything on the table.


Ep. 13. You’re Always Potentially In A Teacher-Student Dynamic…So Do It Right

Yeah, knowledge isn’t really power (as we were taught in school). Using it properly is power. However, knowledge can make other people put you in a position of power over them. And true wisdom means not taking advantage of that position (even when it is in a very small, everyday moment in life – and the stakes aren’t as high as say a medical, therapeutic or spiritual guidance situation). I discuss how to treat the constantly emerging teacher-student relationship humbly, ethically, and with a service mindset.


Being Yourself When You Serve (Part I)

Powerful Ways The Service Environment Reveals & Tests Our Ability to Be Our Authentic Selves Probably the most played out bit of wisdom we get from people of all positions and disciplines is encouragement to “just be you” rather than whatever you think people expect of you.  It’s something we always do well to be […]