Service {Coming Soon}.

By Stefan Ravalli

Learn the skills and mindsets that no one is teaching - master yourself through the art of service.

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Table of Contents.

The Choice: Does Does Service Give or Take From Me?
The Inside-Out Game: Serve Better...By Serving Yourself.
Everything That's Been Missing From Modern Service Training.
Need For Gratification Becomes Need For Gratitude.
True Selflessness: Not What You Think It Is.
Be A Service Scientist.

Serve Mindfully.
Everyone Is Serving Something...So Do It Properly.
What is Mindfulness & What Does It Have To Do With Service?
Big Ideas Need Smaller & Smaller Containers.
Self-Sufficiency: The 10 Hard Truths of Service You Need To Acknowledge.
Authenticity: Stop Being An Emotional Prostitute.
The Personal Monastery: Convert Any Challenging Situation To A Means of Self-Mastery.

Here...Some Real Service Skills.

Work Like A Master.
Process Orientation: Elevate The Outcome By Not Caring About It.
Break Dabbler Conditioning.

Make Action Your Temple.
True Service: Mastering The Art of Action.
The Yoga of "Keeping Your Cool Under Pressure".
Mastering The Internal "Yes".
Let Go of Control & Get Everything You Want.

Lessons From The Zen Way of Tea.
Empty & Fill Your Cup: Serving & Living With the Beginner's Mind.
Make The Ordinary Extraordinary.
Baisao: Be Humble, Stop Needing Purpose & Just Serve.
Get Experiential Teachers.

Selfish Selflessness: Tank-Filling Practices.

Reclaim Your Power As A Service Agent. 
Claiming Your Power As A Host.
Benevolence, Grace & Equanimity: Connecting With Your Kingly Nature.
Transforming The World...One Need At A Time.
Serving Freely: Breaking Obligation Consciousness.

Be A Covert Service Operative.