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The Restaurant Monastery.

By Stefan Ravalli

Mindfulness & Self-Cultivation Principles For You To Truly Serve.  Service Principles For Everyone To Truly Live.

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Working Table of Contents.

Introduction: Service Can Be Life-Giving or Draining...It’s Your Choice.  

How You Serve Anything Is How You Serve Everything.
What is Mindfulness & What Does It Have To Do With Service?
Big Ideas Need Smaller & Smaller Containers.
Truly Serving: Converting Your Life To Your Personal Monastery.

Service & Mindfulness Depend On Each Other: Skills & Mindsets To Make Them One Practice.

Zen Your Work.

Karma Yoga: Making Your Actions A Practice of Inner Growth.
Mastering The Internal "Yes".
Control is an Illusion.

Cha Dao: You're Always Serving.

Selfish Selflessness: Practices, Principles & Habitual Behaviors for Serving Yourself.

Reclaiming Personal Power Through (Seeming) Subservience.
Claiming Your Power As A Host.
Benevolence, Grace & Equanimity: Connecting With Your Kingly Nature.
Transforming The World...One Need At A Time.
Serve Freely: Breaking Obligation Consciousness.

Re-Create A Culture of Service.