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01.03 Meditation: The Most Powerful Tool For Upgrading The Way We Serve

Here, I talk about the power of meditation to simply make us better humans (serving well is dependent on our ability to own this “human vessel” we’ve been born into). I go through the unexpected ways it transforms your life and the ways it upgrades us that not enough people are talking about. You’ll learn how to meditation in about 3 minutes flat (thought I do recommend referring to the meditation guide for more details) and how to adapt these seemingly mystical Eastern philosophy principles to your life in a very practical.


Overcoming Impostor Syndrome

In different stages of life, we all have holes in our game that we hope others don’t see.  “Impostor syndrome” is the belief that we are riddled with deficiencies. That we are fundamentally lacking in something (i.e. reliable skills) that makes us the useful, valuable human we are somehow obligated to be – and we’re just around the corner from being found out.  The most successful people on the planet continue to get struck by this feeling every time they put themselves out there in a big way.  But, everyday, even the smallest interactions can trigger it.