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Ep. 22. Enlightenment…With A Side of Grit – Interview w/ Cory Hardaker Pt. 1

Amazing stories and insights that include (but are definitely not limited to):

:: How Disney World, an accidental arrival at a death meditation and the former Nuclear advisor to the Reagan Administration led Cory to a path of mindfulness and spirituality.

:: How his Mindfulness of Doom podcast reveals that the only authentic way to live a spiritual life involves pain, suffering and dread.

:: How being “yourself” while being simultaneously in harmony with your environment is a lot like playing the bass.

:: How “mindfulness” itself is only 1/8th of a complete practice.

:: The merits of spending most of your time avoiding the teacher role – especially if you know a lot of useful things and love the act of teaching.

:: When being a performer gets in the way of connecting with people…and when it’s exactly what they need (and exactly what you need).


Ep. 21. The Zen of Work: How Growing Professionally & Personally Doesn’t Always Mean Doing “Important Stuff”

In this episode I talk about:

:: The Zen approach to work: how to find joy and fulfillment doing anything…and how easy it is to disrupt this with our dependence of “growth” (and other such delusions).
:: How you’re always growing and evolving…even (sometimes especially) when you’re “going backwards”
:: How taking a step backwards in your career is really just a step downwards…as in deeper into your self-understanding and your self-mastery.
:: Your professional growth: when it’s necessary to “backslide”, maintain your position, leap forward into a challenging new role, or make a dramatic change of location, employer or job.
:: My recent promotion at work and whether or not accepting it renders me a hypocrite.
:: Promotions and upward mobility: opportunities it might provide you…but what it can also cost you.


Ep. 20 – The Art of Slowing Down, Reflecting & Finding Joy In What We Do – Interview w/ Phillip Sauerbeck

In this episode:

:: “It’s that easy and it’s that hard”: Finding joy in life is as simple as slowing down and doing things that are satisfying in and of themselves.
:: The “doing mind”: you can call it out for taking you away from being present and content…or you could find presence and contentment by having gratitude for what the doing mind is trying to give you.
:: The finer art of reflection: fast, effective ways of journaling that turn out to be more authentic than the long form musing we imagine it to be.
:: Tea and incense appreciation as a practice of mindfulness and contemplation.
:: “…and all of them must be real”: The importance of having hobbies…actual ones, with actual persistence.


Ep. 19. Make Conflict Your Monastery – Interview w/ Henry Yampolsky

An amazingly rich and wide-reaching talk with Henry Yampolsky. He is a conscious mediator, teacher, trainer and author firmly grounded in legal expertise and Yogic principles. We discuss:
:: Henry’s story of awakening from being a lawyer to mediator to Yoga teacher to conscious mediator.
:: How principles of mindfulness and Yoga can be incorporated into conflict scenarios to transform them into an arena of self-understanding and compassion equal to any spiritual practice.
:: How to separate impulse from intuition.
:: How to know if a spiritual teacher really cares about you (hint: they profoundly upset you).
:: How serving tables in a restaurant can potentially change the world.


Ep. 18 Special Collaborative Episode w/ David Tian, pHD – Hypocrisy Is A Never-Ending Journey of Joy + Discovery

Feeling discouraged because the challenges of life keep pulling you away from the better person you’re trying to be? You’re practicing meditation and promoting “higher values”, but often feel you’re living in total contradiction of them. Self-development coach David Tian and I meet in Orlando to discuss how getting discouraged by feelings of “hypocrisy” comes from a misunderstanding of the growth process. In fact, this place of contradiction and frustration is the most powerful place to be in to deepen our understanding of ourselves and this world we live in, and the true tragedy is in our dismissal of ourselves as “failures” with these condemning labels.

We also tend to discredit others when they don’t seem to be “practicing what they preach”. Or find fault in people simply when they trigger us, rather than taking accountability for how we feel and empowering ourselves to grow beyond these conditioned responses and, once again, learn something about ourselves.

This talk was inspired by a project we are currently working on to provide mindfulness tools, knowledge and practices to thrive in this place of inner tension and disappointment with ourselves (and others too).


Ep. 17 Service, Leadership & Authentic Communication…From The Inside-Out – Interview w/ Greg Clowminzer

An amazing discussion with Greg Clowminzer about true self-knowledge and its key ingredient: understanding the nature of thought. He provided so much insight on principles of mindful communication, service, and leadership as a spiritual path.

Greg has been a transformational business and life coach for over 25 years, combining his expertise in business strategy with his deep and multi-faceted background in Eastern spirituality, helping people cultivate principles (business and otherwise) that lead to true self-knowledge – the ultimate ingredient of success.

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