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Ep. 11 Searching For Significance: Serving Means Directing People To Their Highest Selves

This episode is about how we have limited opportunities to really make conversation count, so why not speak to the highest place in people and watch them light up. I discuss the skillful ways of doing this without seeming fawning, manipulative or churning with agenda. Then I give you conversational tools that make people love talking to you…only to then show you how it’s better to forget all that and be spontaneous (but, this time, with intent). You can learn how letting the other person shine is an empowered position. Or just be entertained with stories of me bartending with social anxiety, how I avoided dealing with my deficiencies by keeping my head buried in snobbery, and the hilariously simple truths that woke me from my fever dream of neurosis.


Ep. 10 Service That Connects When It Could Divide: Interview w/ Angie Vroom

What’s the best way to apply spiritual practices? How about challenging basically everything. In this episode I speak with Angie Vroom, a meditation teacher with a uniquely socially conscious vision. We explore how Eastern practices and philosophies give activism some unexpected firepower. And how critical thinking makes spiritual practice that much more complete. People are often hesitant to connect these two worlds – especially modern Western spiritual people that are committed to the “love and light” sensibility – but will be amply rewarded when they do. Meditate, then get real, get uncomfortable, and stand for what you believe in – for Angie, awareness-enhancing practices like meditation and mindfulness make us especially capable (and almost obligated) to do this. We also somehow ended up talking about restaurants and how this all fits into the system of professional service. Don’t ask how, just listen, then go kick ass – it’s a truly awesome talk.


Ep. 09 Being Your True Self Is Not What You Think It Is: Interview w/ David Tian

Everything is relationships. So who better to give us deep insights on that than self-development coach David Tian. He has a pHD in Eastern Philosophy, which he has parlayed into an extremely successful career as a dating coach. His work has since evolved into developing a broad range of programs to teach general mastery of relationships, career, health and, most importantly, oneself. He is an absolute education machine, putting out tons of content and forming huge discussion communities. His rich perspective on what it means to be a human (and the most effective one we can be) is not to be missed.


Ep. 08 The Importance of an Abundance Mindset (Not Just On Thanksgiving)

Serving anything well means having a mindset of abundance – a concept that has unexpected roots in Eastern spirituality. You’d think that meditating and being “enlightened” means being “beyond the material”, but a fuller way to live a conscious life requires that you actually honor all the “stuff”. Having an enthusiasm for sharing is a true act of non-attachment (and the key to being the ultimate service professional). I discuss how to have a sense of boundless resources and be an agent of generosity…only to then observe everything you give come right back to you in multiples! Generosity leads to greater success and opportunity so just do it (smartly of course…I also discuss haphazard ways of doing it). Happy thanksgiving!


Ep. 07 Everything Improves When You Live As An Information Gatherer

For someone in the CIA, the ability to gather, interpret and action information is so vital that it can mean the difference between life and death. For us everyday folks, information gathering may not have such dramatic implications, but our very quality of life depends on the quality of every little interaction. And mastering that space between intake and response means mastering the way we navigate life. Especially as it concerns our relationship to others (which is often what brings life’s greatest challenges). We look at ways of seeing humanity and familiarity in even the most difficult people to free ourselves from the challenges they bring. Includes unexpected life lessons from samurai’s, the TV series Homeland, Chick-Fil-A’s unique training program and a legendary moment between Robert Di Nero and Al Pacino.


Ep. 06 The Art of Mentoring w/ Jeremy Moreau

Very excited to speak with my friend Jeremy au, editor-in-chief of a hospitality training program called Jerry.Global, developed by visionary Restaurant/Bar Suppliers & Consultants Proof & Company. We discuss the fuller way that hospitality professionals can be mentored so that their work has more value, meaning, and general effectiveness. We also discuss the art of information gathering, remaining measured and attentive, and ways of overcoming the rigors of the service situation.