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01.01 Good Service = Self Awareness: Interview w/ Kevin von Behren

Kevin owns Fly Awake Tea House in Portland Oregon, a uniquely social space that seems to gather the most interesting people in Portland to enjoy a quality of tea not often provided to Westerners. It started in his garage and received such a powerful response that he soon had to move to a cozy space off a main commercial strip. This success didn’t just happen because of the quality of Chinese tea he was serving (though that definitely represents the level of care and intentionality that infuses every aspect of the venue). Kevin and his servers seem to provide people with a rare feeling of comfort and intimacy amongst strangers. They accomplish this by…well, being themselves, effortlessly inspiring almost anyone to come out of their shells and join in on some elevated tea-fueled conversation. Even…actually, especially…if they are introverted. Kevin was kind enough to speak with me over some tea (of course) and share some of his insights about service, self-awareness, tea and human connection.