The Serve Conscious Podcast.

Tools, techniques and principles pulled together from my years in the trenches of hospitality, teaching meditation and speaking with inspired experts (many of which you can get to know in the show's interview episodes).  The deepest elements of service are explored to help you master its mindset and elevate your service role to a training ground for personal growth, self-understanding and fulfillment.  

Ep. 37. Emerge From “Noble Struggle” Conditioning & Into Self-Service – Interview w/ Jennifer Lancaster
Bartender turned life coach discusses the importance of not defining your worth by self-sacrifice and grind - find a path that truly inspires you.
Ep. 36. How Crisis Revealed Secrets of Work, Life & Service Fulfillment
How I learned that service isn't just for work. Everything in life can be defined on those terms. And must be questioned: Is it a worthy input of energy? Am I doing it skillfully such that I am really serving the best parts of myself and others?
Ep. 35. Challenging The Limitations of Corporate Mindfulness Training – Interview w/ Catherine Sherlock
Catherine Sherlock is going against the grain to deepen the power of mindfulness training on the organizational level.
Ep. 34. Reunite With Your Innate Sense of Confidence
Ask me about how to be confident and you will get more than you bargained for.
Ep. 33. When You Can Truly Provide Care…You Also Give It To Yourself – Interview w/ Janet Fouts
Discussion that looks at mindfulness, emotional intelligence, monotasking, caregiving and hospitality principles that work in any setting.
Ep. 32. Action Yoga: Your Power To Convert Any Situation To A Self-Development Practice
Yoga & meditation are not just meant to be an isolated, but a practice you bring into everything - including, especially, any kind of work. I discuss an ancient practice that allows you to meet any challenge with enthusiasm, inspiration and wisdom.
Ep. 31. Is What I Have To Say An Improvement on Silence? – Interview w/ Rebecca Shafir, M.A.CCC
Conversation with Rebecca Shafir, speech pathologist, mindful communication and business coach and author of Zen of Listening (a very important book for me). We discuss communication techniques, pitfalls and mindful living.
Ep. 30. Don’t Take It Out On The Channeled Celestial Being…He’s Just The Messenger – Interview w/ Alexa Houser
Host of the Innerbloom AND Positive Head Podcast Alexa Houser discusses her story, EFT healing practice and mission to help the world transcend its processing hers along with them.
Ep. 29. Collaborate With Your Emotions (Especially The “Negative” Ones) – Interview w/ Sherry Olander
We look at an emotional mastery system that allows you to work with your most "unwanted" emotions to master yourself, live mindfully and be an absolute service Jedi.
Ep. 28. Mindfulness & Owning Emotional Sensitivity – Interview w/ Rachael Kable
Rachael Kable's mission is educate the world on simple, practical and methodical ways of incorporating mindfulness into every aspect of your life. She tells her story and discusses how mindfulness helps harness the potential of emotional sensitivity.

Ep. 27. Serve Like Humanity Depends On It…Because It Does – Interview w/ Dushan Zaric
Industry-leader Dushan Zaric discusses the responsibility we have to serve with care and presence; powerful insights forged from a life of passion, deep self-exploration and hardship.
Ep. 26. Play Your Role, Live Your Mission – Interview w/ Michael Ortiz
Founder & CEO of JoJo tea discusses tea as a spiritual practice and a spiritual livelihood…as well as a wide range of other principles that can facilitate a life of integrity and inspiration – from acting, to breathing, to remaining humble.
Ep. 25. Work Hard…At Finding Meaningful Work – Interview w/ Dan Cumberland
Founder/Host of The Meaning Movement discusses work as a journey towards finding meaning...and the balance we need to find between generating a livelihood and living our mission.
Ep. 24. Real Listening…Beyond Words
I try to not be a hypocrite while teaching about the power of listening by speaking uninterrupted for over an hour. I discuss how challenges you experience in listening actually come from a disconnection from yourself.
Ep. 23. One Order of the Good Life…Oh, Um, Extra Real, Please – Interview w/ Cory Hardaker Pt. 2
The conclusion of our wonderful discussion about life, the spiritual journey and all the silliness and hardship we need to embrace along the way.
Ep. 22. Enlightenment…With A Side of Grit – Interview w/ Cory Hardaker Pt. 1
Funny, insightful and super real discussion with Cory Hardaker, a meditation and martial arts teacher and host of the Mindfulness of Doom podcast
Ep. 21. The Zen of Work: How Growing Professionally & Personally Doesn’t Always Mean Doing “Important Stuff”
I discuss my present situation and share stories and cases that reveal how you’re always growing and evolving…even (sometimes especially) when you're “going backwards” .
Ep. 20. The Art of Slowing Down, Reflecting & Finding Joy In What We Do – Interview w/ Phillip Sauerbeck
We discuss mindful journaling and other conscious reflection techniques, slowing down and having hobbies...real ones.
Ep. 19. Make Conflict Your Monastery – Interview w/ Henry Yampolsky
Discussion on the art of mindful conflict resolution. The Yogic path of self-understanding meets mediation in powerful ways.
Ep. 18 Special Collaborative Episode w/ David Tian, pHD – Hypocrisy Is A Never-Ending Journey of Joy + Discovery
Self-development coach David Tian and I discuss the ways we live in contradiction to our "higher values"...and the power that space has to instruct and expand who we are.
Ep. 17 Service, Leadership & Authentic Communication…From The Inside-Out – Interview w/ Greg Clowminzer
Interview with Greg Clowminzer about mindful communication, understanding the nature of thought and the self-knowledge you acquire from seeing through it.
Ep. 16 Techniques For Being The Strongest, Most Authentic & Self-Realized Human – Interview w/ Jonni Pollard
Humanity as the new spirituality! Talk with Jonni Pollard about his book The Golden Sequence, a total guide to conscious living as a participant in society. Self-development is worth much unless you're of service!
Ep. 15 Living Your Best Life By Asking Your Best Questions – Interview w/ Marc Champagne of the KYŌ App
An interview with the co-founder of the KYO App discussing the power of journaling and asking yourself the right questions to improve your life
Ep. 14 Free Everyone From Neediness…By Celebrating Need!
Master identifying needs, get what you want through compassion, and break the subtle conditioning that keeps us from communicating honestly.
Ep. 13. You’re Always Potentially In A Teacher-Student Dynamic…So Do It Right
At any moment we have the power to initiate a teacher-student dynamic. Discusses the important and delicate nuances of this dynamic and how to respect them.
Ep. 12 Mastering Something Means Mastering Your Need For Instant Gratification
How to master skills, which then shape us into people that are even more awesome. Reveals the value of sticking with something especially when it gets boring and repetitive.
Ep. 11 Searching For Significance: Serving Means Directing People To Their Highest Selves
Skillful ways of speaking to the highest place in people without seeming manipulative. People are awesome and it's in your best interest to discover that.
Ep. 10 Service That Connects When It Could Divide: Interview w/ Angie Vroom
Conversation with meditation teacher Angie Vroom on the crucial marriage of spirituality with activism, social justice and critical thinking.
Ep. 09 Being Your True Self Is Not What You Think It Is: Interview w/ David Tian
Discussion with self-development coach David Tian about being yourself...and the surprising ways that really being yourself means being focused beyond it.
Ep. 08 The Importance of an Abundance Mindset (Not Just On Thanksgiving)
How to serve anything well through generosity - having a sense of endless resources and an enthusiasm for sharing them.
Ep. 07 Everything Improves When You Live As An Information Gatherer
Mastering the art of information gathering to free you from the challenges of difficult people.
Ep. 06 The Art of Mentoring w/ Jeremy Moreau
We discuss service culture around the world and Jeremy's educational program that mentors service professionals in a more mindful and holistic way.
Ep. 05 Next Level Conscientiousness: Engineering Unique Moments
Service principles that put mindfulness to work; service mindsets that can provide you with success in every area of life.
Ep. 04 Taking The Higher Ground With Skill, Strength & Compassion
Stealthily sweet techniques for dealing with difficult people and situations without being confrontational.
Ep. 03 Meditation: The Most Powerful Tool For Upgrading The Way We Serve
Learn how to meditate effortlessly and adapt powerful ancient principles to your daily life.
Ep. 02 Servers With Attitude: When & Why We Love Them
A look at the phenomenon of "snarky server" restaurants and bars. What attracts people to them and, more importantly, what is repelling them from somewhere full of friendly accommodating staff.
Ep. 01 Good Service = Self Awareness: Interview w/ Kevin von Behren
Founder of Fly Awake Tea House in Portland Oregon shares his deep sense of service and what it takes to create a unique gathering space.

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Join The Mindful Service Movement.
Get exclusive content & the free e-book: "5 Steps To Giving Empowered Service".  Make service elevate you rather than drain you!