Begin Your Service Superhero Training.

Level 1 

Truly Human Service.

  • 1 live group/individual training session (30-90 min).
  • Mission: Reconnect to your service-driven nature.
  • Toolbelt: 1-2 service superpowers.
  • Process: Determine service goals vs. obstacles. Learn quick exercises to shift you or your team into an empowered state.

Level 2 

Truly Superhuman Service.

  • 4-8 live group/individual training sessions (30-90 min).
  • Mission: Begin to master your inner service game. 
  • Toolbelt: 4-8 service superpowers. Incl. worksheets, guided exercises, home and work routines, etc.      
  • Process: Strategically select and develop the right service superpowers to maximize your service mindset. 

Let's discover your heroic service journey.

30 min. Consultation Call.

Level 3 

Save the World

  • 12 group/individual sessions (30-90 min).
  • Mission: Change lives through service. (Especially your own).
  • Weapons: Deep dives into all service superpowers that are relevant to the success of you and your team.
  • Process: Intensive development that transforms your relationship to service. We will develop the skills and overcome the obstacles that prevent you and your customers from having a service experience filled with joy, inspiration and purpose.


What's Your Heroic Journey?

  • Mission: Understand your vision of a better world through service...and how I can help superpower it.

Guide | Service Superpowers.


Breathe Underwater: Stress-management techniques. 

Regeneration: Stress-recovery and self-care strategies.

Power Up: Self-care strategies to keep you refreshed and optimized for the demands of service. 

Invulnerability: Stress-resilience that provides inner steadiness in challenging situations.

Forcefield: Emotional boundaries to avoid getting swept away by and resentful of the intensity of others. 

Defragmentation Beam: Let go of emotional obstacles to connection, kindness, service joy.


Mind Control: Train attention, remain present and 10x the moment.

Energy Manipulation: Understand and master emotional states.

Clairvoyance: Visualization practices. 

Precognition: Intention-setting practices. 

Marksmanship: Focus on, enjoy and perfect daily tasks.

Martial Arts: Deal with difficult people and situations.

Superhuman Senses: Have a more detailed awareness of your environment.


Telepathy: Notice and understand what people really need.

Shapeshifting: Adapt to different personality types and perspectives.

Power Mimicry: Find resonance and commonality with the people you serve. 

Energy Absorption: Receptive listening and compassionate questioning.

Heat Rays: Compassion practices to melt struggles. 

Freeze Rays: Stop and cool down tense moments.

Psionic Abilities: Develop a better connection to your own service intuition and judgment.

Transmogrification: Find an inspired and creative relationship to boring/repetitive work and interactions.


Cerebrokinesis: Generate the thinking that makes you encouraged, confident and inspired.

Jet Propulsion: Power your service with a sense of purpose

Elemental Transmutation: Turn service obstacles into opportunities.

Flight: Give the best kind of service...the kind that feels authentic and freely given.

Super Strength: Acknowledge and be inspired by your value and impact.

Chlorokinesis: Learn mindset of benevolence, generosity and kindness.

Gigantification: Experience growth from any service role.

Resilience: Convert discomfort to good will.

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